Housing complex beneath Aquäduktgasse

Two residential buildings with a shared underground parking garage are to be created. The three existing properties first needed to be divided into two building sites using a partition plan. The site and topographic plan had already been created during field work using coded surveying. We delivered the necessary fundamentals for a successful plan quickly and cheaply together with the raised fixtures.

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Stammurkunde 3651 Ausfertigung3


  • Field of activity: Cadastral surveying
  • Location: Vienna | AT
  • Project period: 2017
  • Client: EFFECT Immobilien GmbH.
  • Architects: Paschinger Architekten


  • Survey work at the Land Surveyor's Office in Vienna
  • As-is site survey
  • Fixture survey
  • Preparation of the site and topographic plan
  • Incorporation of historic documentation
  • Invitation to the boarder negotiations
  • Border survey with the neighbours
  • Preparation of a survey certificate
  • Submission to MA64 for partition approval
  • Inclusion in the digital documents archive
  • Application to MA64 for the establishment of a construction site
  • Stakeout of the new property boundaries
  • Forwarding of various documents for incorporation into the land register

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