For the refurbishment and extension of the Einsiedlerbad "Tröpferlbad" (public bath) in Vienna, we were commissioned by the Department 44 of the Viennese Magistrate to conduct a full survey of this listed building dating back to the year 1889. Further information can be found here: http://illiz.eu/troepferlbad-e...

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Facade plan of the Einsiedlerbad by Bogensberger Vermessung / Surveys.

Front view - Einsiedlerbad, Vienna | AT

Floor plan of the Einsiedlerbad by Bogensberger Vermessung / Surveys.

Floor plan - Einsiedlerbad, Vienna | AT

Detail of the Einsiedlerbad.

Einsiedlerbad, Vienna | AT


  • Field of activity: Architectural and cultural heritage survey
  • Location: Vienna | AT
  • Project period: 2016
  • Client: City of Vienna, MA 44
  • Scanning positions: 210
  • Scanner: Faro Focus X330
  • Usable building area: 1,150 m2
  • On-site employees: 2
  • Survey duration: 20 h


  • Connection to the superior coordinate system (cadastre)
  • Inventory using tachymeter-supported laser-scanning technology
  • Survey level of detail according to ÖNORM A6250-2: Grade "F"
  • 2D CAD modelling according to ÖNORM A6250-2, visualisation level of detail "E"
  • Virtual reality tour through the building

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