Gars am Kamp

The venue for operas, concerts and other cultural events should become more attractive with additional facilities in the grandstand area. To also enable precise planning and construction for the following trades, a stress-free network of control points with fixed points was built throughout the entire castle area.
The architectural history of the former castle of residence of the Babenbergs is also being explored further. To offer the best foundations for the building research, we are also creating millimetre-accurate photomaps alongside numerous floor plans, sections and views.

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Video of the 3D laser scanning in Gars am Kamp by Bogensberger Vermessung / Surveys.
Bogensberger Vermessung Ruine Gars Am Kamp Projektbild 3


  • Field of activity: Architectural and cultural heritage surveying
  • Location: Gars am Kamp, Lower Austria | AT
  • Project period: 2018-2019
  • Client: Burg Gars GmbH
  • Scanning positions: approx. 400
  • Scanners: Leica RTC360 + Faro Focus X330
  • On-site employees: 3
  • Survey duration: 30 h


  • Creation of a stress-free network of control points with permanent marking
  • Complete inventory using tachymeter-supported laser scanning technology
  • Drone flights for photogrammetric surveys
  • Photomaps of the ruin wall areas (approx. 50% of the entire complex)
  • Survey density according to ÖNORM A6250-2: Grade "F"
  • 2D CAD modelling according to ÖNORM A6250-2, visualisation density "E"
  • Connection to the overall measuring network (position and altitude)
  • Map correction of the digital cadastral map

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