The Thaya municipality of Haidlkeller is situated ten meters below the surface. A historic tunnel system partly formed of brick arches, partly carved into the massive rock. We recorded the above and below-ground areas of the structure using 3D laser-scanning as the basis for historic building research and visualisation and delivered the resulting plans for the layout presentation as well as the profile sections of the tunnels and 3D pointcloud presentations from various perspectives to illustrate the situation beneath the surface.

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A 3D point cloud visualization of the historic tunnel system by Bogensberger Vermessung / Surveys.

3D Pointcloud visualization - Haidlkeller, Thaya | AT

Picture of the historic tunnel system Haidlkeller.

Haidlkeller, Thaya | AT

Employees of Bogensberger Vermessung / Surveys with a Faro laser scanner in the historic tunnel system of the so-called Haidlkeller.

3D laser scanning - Haidlkeller, Thaya | AT


  • Field of activity: Architectural and cultural heritage survey
  • Location: Thaya | AT
  • Project period: 2016
  • Client: historische Bauforschung ofries
  • Stations: 50
  • Scanner: Faro Focus X330
  • Survey duration: 6 h
  • On-site employees: 3


  • Connection to the superior coordinate system (cadastre)
  • inventory measurement using tachymeter-supported laser-scanning technology
  • 2D and 3D CAD modelling

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