Holiday resort Karpaz

No georeferenced maps or terrain models existed for the 100 ha stretch of land in Northern Cyprus. Due to the size of the land, an aerial survey was the fastest and cheapest option for 3D surveying. The orthophotos obtained from this survey were used in a wide range of applications: for project visualisation, as a basis for a detailed terrain model and for the recording of local vegetation in the nature reserve.

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Aerial image of the coastline in Karpaz by a drone from Bogensberger Vermessung / Surveys.

Aerial photo - Karpaz | Cyprus

Orthophoto of the 100 ha property of Karpaz by Bogensberger Vermessung / Surveys.

Orthophoto - Karpaz | Cyprus

Depth map of the 100 ha property of Karpaz by Bogensberger Vermessung / Surveys.

Depth map - Karpaz | Cyprus


  • Field of activity: Aerial survey
  • Location: Karpaz | Cyprus
  • Project period: 2013
  • Client: Immo Advice AG
  • Land area: 100 ha
  • Flight altitude: 150 m
  • Flight time: 180 min
  • Number of images: 410
  • Ground resolution (GSD): 5 cm
  • Drone: Asctec Falcon 8
  • Camera type: Sony Nex-5 16 mm


  • Creation of a GPS-based geodetic reference grid in the local island coordinate system
  • Permanent marking of polygon points
  • Aerial survey of the entire area
  • Oblique photographs of predefined locations for visualisation
  • Documentation of flora
  • Creation of a high-resolution orthophoto
  • 3D terrain model

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