Museum of Art History in Vienna

The renowned architecture firm Graf Paris is responsible for the design of a new exhibition in room XIX of the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. We had the job of creating the details necessary for planning: Floor plans, sections and views in 1:20 scale and of course reproduced in full in HDR true colors. A tall tripod was also used to ensure gapless survey.

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A tablet from Bogensberger Surveys that shows the 3D pointcloud of the room XIX of the KHM museum.

3D Pointcould - KHM, Vienna | AT

An employee of Bogensberger Vermessung with an Leica RTC 360 3d laser scanner on a tall tripod.

Leica RTC 360 on a tall tripod - KHM, Vienna | AT


  • Business sector: Architectural and cultural heritage surveying
  • Location: 1010, Vienna | AT
  • Project period: 2019
  • Client: Count Paris
  • Scan positions: 15 + 3 with tall tripod
  • Scan positions: 15 + 3 with tall tripod
  • On-site staff: 1
  • Survey duration: 2 h


  • Detailed surveying of room XIX
  • Laser scanning including true colors in HDR quality
  • Orthographic views in true colors 1:20
  • Orthographic views as line drawing 1:20
  • Floor plan and ceiling mirror 1:20

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