Austrian Parliament

The new assembly hall of the National Council in the Austrian Parliament will be covered and illuminated with a steel and glass dome construction. In order to guarantee the manufacturer of the construction - the Roschmann Group - absolute security for planning and execution work, we measured the steel ring serving as the load-bearing base on the premises and reproduced it as a CAD-3D model. The assembly position of the dome brackets was then pinpointed down to the last millimeter. The final process will be surveying of the completed construction for building documentation purposes.

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Bogensberger Vermessung Parlament Projektbild X
2020 Bv Parlament 2399 Matthias Ritschl Projektbild
Building site Austrian Parliament.

Building site - Austrian Parliament, Vienna | AT


  • Business sector: Architectural and cultural heritage surveying / engineering surveying
  • Location: 1010, Vienna | AT
  • Project period: 2020
  • Client: Roschmann Group
  • Scanner: Leica RTC360 + HDR color
  • Marking: Survey point + axes
  • Employees on site: 3


  • High-precision 3D measurement of the steel ring as a support for the assembly hall glass dome
  • 3D modeling of the steel ring
  • Marking of survey points and axes with high accuracy for the assembly of the dome support structure
  • Dimensional control and positioning correction of the dome brackets
  • 3D documentation of the completed dome construction

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