Power plant Erlangen

To ensure the frictionless installation of a new boiler in the existing structure, the combined cycle power plant was surveyed using a 3D laser-scanner. The 3D pointcloud obtained served as the basis for a collision analysis between the as-built and the CAD model of the new boiler.

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Power plant, Erlangen | DE

Picture of thermal power plant in Erlangen.

Power plant, Erlangen | DE

A member of Bogensberger Vermessung / Surveys is adjusting a 3D laser scanner at the thermal power plant of Erlangen.

3D laser scanning - power plant, Erlangen | DE


  • Field of activity: Industrial plant surveying
  • Location: Erlangen | DE
  • Project period: 2015
  • Client: Wulff & Mag
  • Stations: 37
  • Number of measured points: 4.9 billion
  • Camera resolution: 5 MP
  • Scanner: Leica P20


  • Creation of a geodetic reference grid over the entire height of the power plant
  • 3D surveying with the laser-scanner Leica P20 including colour information through an integrated camera
  • 37 stations
  • Merging (registration) of the stations with a pointcloud of the entire plant
  • Export of the data in E57 and POD format for subsequent use by the client
  • Collision analysis with Bentley Pointtools and identification of potential interfering edges

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