Rekawinkel tunnel and Kleine Dürreberg tunnel

A tunnel bore with fully automated guidance was used for the first time in the reconstruction of a railway tunnel. Special software developed by Amberg was used alongside this. Guidance of the tunnel bore was accurate to 2–3 mm. In the event of clearance breaches, corrections for the tamping machine were generated using a track scanning wagon.

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Tunnel saw, Rekawinkel | AT


Tunnel, Rekawinkel | AT


Tunnel, Rekawinkel | AT


  • Field of activity: Engineering surveying
  • Location: Rekawinkel | Austria
  • Project period: 11/2015-08/2016
  • Client: ARGE Strabag AG-Rhomberg Bahntechnik GmbH 
  • Construction costs: €40 million
  • Surveying services: €380,000
  • Tunnel software used: Amberg Technologies
  • On-site employees: 1-2


  • Creation of stress-free tunnel networks
  • Processing of data for the tunnel saw using Amberg tunnel software
  • Daily GTM measurements
  • Daily profile checks (breakout + clearance) using a 3D scanner
  • 3D stakeout work for floors and outdoor areas
  • Clearance checks with Amberg GRP5000

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