RAG Gampern II

Our task was to survey the piping system in the reducing station of the existing structure. 3D scans (pointclouds) were assembled into an overall model from several stations. The piping system was then modelled from this for planning and documentation purposes.

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Laser scanner - RAG Gampern, Schwarzmoos | AT


Automated pipe tracking - RAG Gampern, Schwarzmoos | AT


3D pointcloud - RAG Gampern, Schwarzmoos | AT


  • Field of activity: Industrial plant surveying
  • Location: Schwarzmoos | AT
  • Project period: 2013
  • Client: RAG
  • Camera resolution: 10 MP
  • Scanner: Leica ScanStation C10


  • Creation of a geodetic reference grid
  • 3D surveying with the laser scanner Leica C10 including colour information through an integrated camera
  • Merging (registration) of the stations with a 3D pointcloud of the entire plant
  • Export of the data in E57 and POD format for subsequent use by the client
  • Creation of a 3D edge-interference model

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