Schmida Castle

We were allowed to deliver the planning guidelines as preparatory work for a planned refurbishment of the Baroque moated castle. The survey was done as standard using tachymeter-supported 3D laser scanning to achieve the required level of detail for the standardised plans. Connection of the measurements in position and altitude to the official measurement network was just as natural as the millimetre-precise recording of the existing structure.
Particular attention was paid to the detailed surveying and reproduction of the Baroque roof structure.

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  • Field of activity: Architectural and cultural heritage surveying
  • Location: Schmida/Hausleiten, Lower Austria | AT
  • Project period: 2018
  • Client: Forstverwaltung Neuhof-Schmida
  • Stations: 200
  • Scanner: Faro Focus X130
  • Usable building area: approx. 2,200 m2
  • On-site employees: 3
  • Survey duration: 14 h


  • Connection to the overall measuring network (cadastre/GK M34 and altitude above the Adriatic Sea)
  • Inventory using tachymeter-supported laser scanning technology
  • Survey density according to ÖNORM A6250-2: Grade "F"
  • 2D CAD modelling according to ÖNORM A6250-2, visualisation density "E"

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