Klöcher basalt quarry

A fully automated survey of the landfills was conducted in the basalt quarry of the company Asamer. The objective was the precise quantity surveying of the dumped basalt with the least possible effort. After determining the control points for georeferencing of the images, we recorded the landfill in just 7 minutes with an octocopter. The programmetry software eventually generated a high-resolution terrain model from the photos. (Accuracy >1 centimetre)

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Basalt plant, Klöch | AT


Terrain model - Basalt plant, Klöch | AT


Terrain section - Basalt plant, Klöch | AT


  • Field of activity: Aerial surveying
  • Location: Klöch | AT
  • Project period: 2012
  • Client: ASAMER Kies- und Betonwerke
  • Land area: 5 ha
  • Flight altitude: 100 m
  • Flight time: 7 min
  • Number of images: 35
  • Ground resolution (GSD): 3 cm
  • Camera type: Sony Nex-5


  • Creation of a GPS-based geodetic reference grid in the landfill system
  • Permanent marking of aerial photograph control points
  • Aerial survey of the landfill
  • Creation of a high-resolution orthophoto
  • 3D terrain models
  • Quantity surveys
  • Profile sections

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