Am Platz Klosterneuburg

We carried out a wide range of surveying services for the housing complex on the Klosterneuburg town square, planned by the Söhne & Partner architecture firm as part redevelopment and part new built.  

All services were provided from a single source, from building survey using 3D laser-scanning as the basis for redevelopment planning to the determination of the property boundaries and as far as consensus measurements of the building shell for the client. 

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3D rendering, visualization of the  housing complex on the Klosterneuburg town square.

3D visualization - Am Platz, Klosterneuburg | AT

Surveying the grandeur of a listed stucco ceiling in the existing building am Platz Klosterneuburg.

Surveying the grandeur of a stucco ceiling - Am Platz Klosterneuburg | AT


  • Field of activity: Architectural-, cadastral survey

  • Location: Klosterneuburg | AT

  • Project period: 2015 - 2018

  • Client: Magic Square Immobilien

  • Architects: Söhne & Partner


  • Data aquisition at the Land Surveyor's Office in Vienna

  • topographic survey

  • Fixture survey

  • Preparation of the floor and topographic plan

  • Incorporation of historic documentation

  • Invitation to the border survey

  • Border survey with the neighbours

  • Preparation of a survey certificate

  • Filing for a subdivision permit with the Klosterneuburg municipality

  • Inclusion in the digital documents archive

  • Stakeout of the new property boundaries

  • Forwarding of various documents for incorporation into the land register

  • Connection to the superior coordinate system (cadastre)

  • building  survey using tachymeter-supported laser-scanning technology

  • Survey level of detail according to ÖNORM A6250-2: Grade "F"

  • 2D CAD modelling according to ÖNORM A6250-2, visualization level of detail "E"

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