In 2014, a 70-metre long terrace and footbridge were erected in the area of the U4 Pilgramgasse station. We supported the entire construction phase and were responsible for continuous monitoring of the railway line with our DiMoSy monitoring system. DiMoSy controlled three tachymeters and one temperature sensor simultaneously. To show potential deformation, 15 profiles were defined for up to five points each that were measured at regular intervals.

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U4 Wientalterrasse, Vienna | AT


DiMoSy - U4 Wientalterrasse, Vienna | AT


DiMoSy - U4 Wientalterrasse, Vienna | AT


U4 Wientalterrasse, Vienna | AT


  • Field of activity: Geomonitoring
  • Location: Vienna | AT
  • Project period: 2014
  • Client: Swietelsky
  • Construction costs: €4.3 million
  • Tachymeters used: 3
  • Monitored measuring points: 90
  • Measuring interval: 2–60 minutes
  • Vibration sensors used: 2


  • Creation of a reference point network
  • Staking out of detail points with high accuracy (construction support)
  • Construction work monitoring of rail tracks and revetments or dividing walls
  • Settlement measurements along profiles
  • Deformation measurements along profiles
  • Alarm plan

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