Nothing passes the DiMoSy by.

The fully automated, geodetic monitoring system DiMoSy is an early warning system for geohazards. It records even the smallest geometric changes to man-made as well as natural objects with different sensors and raises an early alarm. Perhaps the best aspect: it adjusts to your needs and its automated measuring procedure significantly reduces operating costs.

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The DiMoSy under the closer look.

The DiMoSy is available for everything and everyone. As a compact (stand-alone) system in a robust housing, it is compatible with standard sensors. The DiMoSy is fully configurable and web-based, and thus always close at hand from all terminal devices. You will not believe how quickly it is installed. The system is suitable for small jobs and short applications, unlike expensive and complicated solutions.


  • Building monitoring using standard sensors
  • Alerting via e-mail, text and warning signals
  • Automated generation and transmission
  • Web-based visualisation of measuring results in real-time

"DiMoSy, take over!"

The DiMoSy has been in use in service of safety for several years. It also monitored the railway tracks and thereby guaranteed safe underground train operation during the construction of the Wientalterrasse above the U4. During the reconstruction of the Manner factory in Vienna excavation support and building monitoring were entrusted to the DiMoSy to avoid further damage.


  • Railway track monitoring
  • Slope monitoring
  • Building monitoring
  • Securing of construction pits
  • Deformation monitoring

Very simple to be sure.

The DiMoSy not only records critical changes to construction objects, but also adepts to your needs. This allows the measured values to be individually visualised and exported, for example. The integration of new sensors (eight in total) is also possible - quick and simple at any time.


  • Examples of compatible sensors: Leica (tachymeter, tilt sensor), Dimetix (distance meter), STS DTM (pressure and temperature)
  • Web-based; no installation necessary on your PC
  • Wireless data transfer via WLAN, UHF, Bluetooth, GPS
  • Protection class: IP68

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