The hose level
So that nothing flows out of hand.

The principle behind the flexible tube level has already served the ancient Egyptians in the levelling of their pyramids. Nowadays we still use it, albeit in a modified digital form. As before, levels and settlements are carefully monitored in your jobs. However, this is now done precisely, to the hundredth of a millimetre.

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The hose level is always at hand.

Construction measures for new-builds or extensions, especially in densely populated, urban areas, constitute a burden for the adjoining buildings or the expanded building. Cracks or in extreme cases building collapses through settlements of the underground are the result. To implement corrective measures at an early stage, a hose level instrument is indispensible.


  • Attic conversions and extensions
  • New-builds with adjacent buildings
  • Extensions to existing buildings
  • Safeguarding of historic and listed buildings
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The hose level stays close.

Even the smallest movements in the sub-millimetre range are reliably recorded and documented with the hose levelling instrument. Even over a time span of several years. This allows any number of measuring points to be simultaneously integrated and continuously, for instance in second-intervals, read and permanently documented.


  • Highly-precise settlement measurement; continuous preservation of level data
  • Mounting and maintenance od the hose levelling instrument
  • Individual configuration of measuring intervals
  • Development of a situational alarm plan
  • Safeguarding and coverage in absolute terms (such as the Viennese Zero Level, Adria or building reference level)
  • Establishment of a baseline level
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The hose level tells you what's up.

After installation, the hose level works completely automatically. It sends graphically prepared measurement reports in configurable periods and warns immediately when a threshold value has been reached or surpassed. The warning is delivered either by text, email or optoacoustically directly on site.


  • Measuring range: 200, 500 or 1000 mm
  • Zero point error: max +/- 0.15% FS
  • Non-linearity: +/- 0.15% FS
  • Shock resistance: 50 G
  • Threshold temperatures: -20°C to +80°C
  • Protection class: IP65 according to DIN VDE

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