Inclinometer measurement
So that everything remains balanced.

Unplanned inclinations usually provide for unwanted discussion. The inclinometer helps to avoid these problems in advance. With continuous and automatic measurements of changes in inclination, retaining walls and bridge structures can be monitored. Regardless of vertical or horizontal, temporary or permanently installed - the inclinometer is the professional answer.

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Bogensberger Vermessung / Surveys using an inclinometer at the Austrotower in Vienna.

Make provisions with inclination measurement technology.

Inclinometer measurement is an opportunity to establish any offset/inclination in size and direction. Using advanced inclination measurement technology, structures and of course objects, such as deep excavation pits, settlement-threatened structures, and unstable slopes can be monitored and, if necessary, secured.


  • Verticality verification in diaphragm walls and boreholes
  • Stability monitoring of sheet pile walls
  • Vertical motion measurements in landfills and horizontal settlement measurements
  • Stability monitoring of erosion-prone slopes, structures, dams and road embankments
  • Calculation of slip surfaces in landslides
  • Deformation measurements

Measuring tube, vertical or horizontal.

The inclinometer consists of an electronic pendulum sensor or accelerometer, which is placed in a measuring tube or mounted to a building structure. Vertical inclinometer probes and horizontal inclinometer probes thereby deliver digital measurement chains that provide information about possible structural changes. To mostly compensate for systematic errors, these measurements are always taken with the inclinometer upright and rotated 180°.


  • The entire displacement profile along a measurement chain is captured
  • Vertical or horizontal inclinometer measurement chains are available in mono- or biaxial variants.
  • Compatible with standard inclinometer tubes
  • Automation of measurements
  • Minimal cabling work thanks to databus cable (RS485 bus system)

Measuring in the core

Compared with classic surveying technologies, the inclinometer can also generate real-time data directly from the core of the component and clearly present these in figures and tables.


  • Maximum measuring range: 500 m
  • Standard range: +/-30°
  • Repeatability: +/- 1 mm/30 mm
  • Total system accuracy: +/- 3 mm/30 m
  • Shock resistance: 2000 g
  • Threshold temperatures: -30°C to +50°C

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