Engineering survey
The challenges take on new forms.

What architects and developers could only dream of a few years ago is now taking form thanks to digital technology. Free forms and complex geometries are increasingly defining new architecture while at the same time economic realities are becoming "tougher". Cost pressure is rising and schedules are tighter. All this demands constantly increasing precision, deeper know-how and more intensive presence on site. Bogensberger has been to hand for this since 1982.

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University of Economics and Business, Vienna | AT

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All good things come in threes: precision, flexibility and efficiency.

If clients are embarking on engineering geodesy, they are surely well advised: you have more than just assurance and control over the precise implementation of complex construction plans. Both construction times and costs can be reduced through intensive construction support with the latest measuring methods such as laser-scanning.


  • Building construction
  • Industrial and plant construction
  • Bridge building
  • Rail construction
  • Tunnelling
  • Power plant construction
  • Infrastructure
  • Foundation engineering
Members of Bogensberger Vermessung / Surveys are working in the Rekawinkel tunnel.

Tunnel, Rekawinkel | AT

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Strong services.

If the geometric requirements of the surveying technology are especially complex, do the measuring conditions become difficult? Be it directly next to blast furnaces, in tunnels, on high-rise buildings or in any other extreme locations - Engineering survey delivers reliably and also creates highly-precise geodetic grids.


  • Geodetic grids, combined with GNSS/GPS and conventional/tachymetric
  • Digital terrain models
  • 3D axis and building stakeout
  • Quantity surveying
  • Layout and topographic plans
  • Build-accompanying control measurements with target/actual comparison
  • Machine control for road and rail projects
  • Railway track surveys

For all who want highly accurate knowledge.

All trades fall back on the reliable, accurate data of engineering geodesy. Understandable.The latest measuring methods, such as Total Station or Digital Levels, and statistical methods, such as regression analysis, are to hand to guarantee the most accurate and stressfree grids. And when, exactly, will you take advantage of it?


  • Leica Total Stations
  • Leica Digital Levels DNA03/DNA10
  • Leica Laser Scanner
  • Leica/Javad GPS receiver
  • Inclinometer and length sensor
  • Asctec Falcon 8 Surveying Drone
  • and much more ...

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