The future is the Leica RTC360
and Bogensberger is upfront!

Back in 2010, Bogensberger was using the most modern laser scanner in Austria with the first Leica C10.
In 2018, with the Leica RTC360, we are again the first company in Austria (and the fifth in Europe) to have the most modern and fastest 3D scanner available.

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An employee of Bogensberger Vermessung / Surveys registers point clouds on-site in real time.

An employee registers point clouds on-site in real time.


With the RTC 360 we half the recording time with 2 million measuring points per second, register the point clouds in real time on a tablet, check the point clouds in full resolution and release the data for further processing. No matter whether the subject is a historic chapel or a petrochemical plant.


  • Industrial plant surveys
  • Engineering surveying
  • Architecture surveying
  • Attic extensions
  • Documentation of cultural heritage
Image that shows a size comparison of the Leica C10 and Leica RTC360.

Size comparison of the Leica C10 and Leica RTC360.

Small but powerful

As is so often the case, it's the technology that's important, not the size. The compact housing, the low weight and the sturdy carbon tripod not only support our employees at work, but also allow them to reach the most remote corners and generate waterthight point clouds. Leica precision is a given of course.


  • High-precision 3D point clouds
  • Highly accurate reference networks
  • Efficient recording
  • Low downtime
  • Non-contact measurement
Image of a 3D pointcloud.

Point cloud

432 Megapixels on the fly

Unlike in the past, the three built-in cameras of the Leica RTC360 virtually capture the scene as it rotates by. Brilliant HDR footage with 432 MP for coloured 3D point clouds is generated in just one minute. They not only look spectacular, but also offer great advantages for planners: Virtual tours, measuring in point clouds, ideal render environments ...


  • 432 Megapixel images per minute
  • High dynamic range (HDR)
  • Animations / walk throughs
  • Measuring in point clouds
  • Renderenvironments
  • Image-based lighting (IBL)

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