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Aerial Surveys - an overview.

The creation of aerial photographs was expensive and time-consuming in the past, but is nowadays simple and cheap. The aerial photograph measuring system that we have developed specially for our clients not only offers an optimal overview with high-resolution images, but also allows digital 3D models to be created from these images—and all this "in flight". The autonomous flying drone (the octocopter) makes that, which traditional surveying could only dream of, possible. For example, the surveying of 12 hectares in 12 minutes.

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Orthophoto - Golf course, Feldkirchen | Austria

Complete difficult tasks in flight.

Our drones have a variety of applications. In other words: when the areas are particularly large, the localities difficult or the situations urgent, the drones really come into their own. An entire land area of 100 hectares? A quantity survey of a landfill? Our drones are the fastest way to provide you with a view of everything.


  • Large area measurement
  • Quantity surveying
  • Damage assessment
  • Inspection and monitoring
  • Infrastructure and building monitoring
  • Precision agriculture
  • Aerial images

Site map - Basalt plant, Klöch | Austria


Terrain model - Basalt plant, Klöch | Austria


Terrain section - Basalt plant, Klöch | Austria

The most accurate results are coming from above.

Our drones fly completely autonomously. And they know exactly where they need to go. With GPS steering, they follow a predetermined flight route to guarantee surveying and image overlapping as per their intended purpose. The results are high-resolution images that allow accurate site maps, digital 3D models and much more to be created with highly professional photogrammetry software.


  • 3D quantity surveying
  • 3D modelling and visualisation
  • Orthophotos and aerial photographs
  • Documentation (environmental events, etc.)
  • Digital terrain models
  • Building stock surveys

Terrain model - Rautenweg Landfill, Vienna | Austria


Octocopter - Asctec Falcon 8


Control module - Asctec Falcon 8

Small, but mighty.

In direct comparisons we have proven that drones can also compete with the results of aeroplanes equipped with laser-scanners. Not to mention the simple and cheap application as well as the general inconspicuousness of a drone. You will also value their flexibility: the higher they fly, the larger the survey area, and the lower, the higher the resolution. By the way, the accuracy of signalled points is in the range of a few millimetres.


  • Octocopter (autonomous flying drone)
  • Calibrated measuring cameras: Sony-Nex5, Sony-Nex7 (24 MP)
  • Aeroplane at maximum load: max. 18 minutes
  • Max 75 km/h airspeed

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