Mobile Mapping
Leica Pegasus:Two

Big tasks require far-reaching solutions. The Leica Pegasus:Two combines a portable laser scanner, eight cameras, ground penetrating radar, thermal imaging camera, and noise and air quality sensors into a powerful multisensor platform.
We analyse the data to produce a customised result in combination with a highly-precise measurement network.

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A Leica Pegasus: Two on a car by Bogensberger Vermessung / Surveys.

Mobile Mapping - Leica Pegasus:Two, Vienna | AT

Accuracy in centimetres. In square kilometres.

Large coverage areas are recorded the most efficiently using mobile mapping platforms. Railway vehicles are just as plausible as cars, boats and even bicycle trailers for carrying instruments. This flexibility enables a variety of possible applications.

Equipped with a wide variety of sensors, the Leica Pegasus:Two generates all the necessary data in a single pass.


  • Mapping of cities
  • Industrial and plant surveying
  • Road surveying and mapping
  • Tunnel surveying and clearance gauges
  • Surveying of large-scale quarries and landfills
Bv Pegasus 2019 04 18 3151
A laptop in a car by Bogensberger Vermessung / Surveys showing the scan data by the Leica Pegasus: Two.

Scandata by the Leica Pegasus: Two, Vienna | AT

More than just 3D scanning.

The Leica Pegasus:Two is the innovative sensor platform. Depending on requirements and sensor layout, it can not only capture 3D point clouds and image content, but can also generate data on airspace, asphalt conditions, noise pollution and air quality. Ground penetrating radar (GPR) also allows for subterranean facility mapping.


  • LiDAR
  • Spherical 360° panorama in true colour
  • Ground penetrating radar for subterranean mapping
  • Thermal imaging camera
  • Air quality sensors
  • Noise sensors
A Leica Pegasus: Two on a car from Bogensberger Vermessung / Surveys.

Mobile Mapping - Leica Pegasus:Two, Vienna | AT


To capture the increasing complexity of the world in the future, and to provide valid data for decision-making processes, the relevant comprehensive and compelling facts are needed. Our answer is the Leica Pegasus:Two.


  • A wide variety of data streams can be captured simultaneously
  • The linking and analysis of data is almost unlimited
  • Less time expenditure and the highest efficiency
  • Highly-precise measurement networks guarantee the greatest accuracy on a surveying level
  • Minimal impact on the environment to be surveyed

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