Cadastral survey
Out on the border-line.

The classic example of a discipline surveying technology, cadastral surveying, is becoming increasingly important nowadays in times of increasing land prices and disputes. We are prepared for this. With current technology and the necessary experience, you can go into the boundaries with us with peace of mind. We look forward to seeing you!

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Dsc 1798
Dsc 1836

Know one's boundaries.

The precise knowledge, definition and establishment of boundaries is to the benefit of all parties involved. Especially in Lower Austria, new building regulations that came into force in February 2015 should counteract any boundary disputes involving new constructions. Since then, boundaries of new constructions or extensions must have legally safeguarded property boundaries. We provide you with a precise hand by means of digital cadastral surveying (in collaboration with ZT DI Erich Brezovsky).


  • Obtaining legally safeguarded property boundaries
  • Boundary determination, boundary renewal, boundary restoration, boundary correction
  • Map correction
  • Layout plans for the disclosure of building regulations
  • Property divisions and parcelling
  • Boundary negotiations
  • Establishment of construction sites
  • Completion of administrative procedures
  • Introduction to and support for authorisation procedures
  • Incorporation into the land register in accordance with §13 and §15 of the property division law
  • Incorporation into the land register for division of one's own property
  • Utilisable value appraisal/property division
  • Leased land plans
  • Surveying of roads and supply routes
  • Easement plans
Dsc Projektbild Hoch 1822

Digital cadastre.

We achieve high efficiency and precision in the surveying and staking out of boundaries and sites through the use of tachymeters in combination with GPS and tablets. Tablets spare us—and thereby you—from circuitous paper sketches. A plan emerges on site that only needs to be customised according to formal specifications in the office. You too can profit from our precise and time-saving methods.


  • Leica Total Stations
  • Leica Digital Levels DNA03/DNA10
  • Leica Laser Scanner
  • Tablet computer

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