Vibration monitoring
Measuring with hertz.

Many construction projects cause vibrations that, depending on the intensity and the nature of the subsurface, affect people and surrounding structures. The most likely possible consequences are damage to nearby structures.

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A vibration monitor sensor by Bogensberger Vermessung at the Autrotower in Vienna.

Vibration meter - Austrotower, Vienna | AT

Vibrations according to Önorm

Vibration measurements or oscillation measurements are carried out to monitor vibrations and their effects on buildings, people and plants. They provide statements on the behavior of the subsurface as well as basic data for the dynamic design of structures.


  • Monitoring of construction measures (compaction work, pile driving, drilling work)
  • Measurements of vibrations caused by rail and road traffic
  • Site surveys, e.g. slope instability monitoring
  • Investigation of the wave propagation behavior in the soil
  • Computation of machine-induced vibrations
  • Determination of dynamic structure properties
Speed diagram by the vibration sensor Menhir.

Speed diagram by the Menhir vibration meter.

Vibrations up to threshold value ...

The vibration sensors or oscillation sensors measure the time-dependent course of the vibration speed v(t) in mm/s in the vertical and in the two horizontal spatial axes. The high-precision measurements are recorded digitally. In addition to outputting the measured values, visual and acoustic warning signals can also be issued if defined threshold values are exceeded. This means that the construction process or procedures can be adapted at an early stage, avoiding possible damage.

Boris Bogensberger is configuring a vibration monitoring system.

Configuration of the vibration measurement - U4 Wientalterasse, Vienna | At

Vibration Analyst Certification

Vibration Analyst Certification

... from Önorm S 9020 to DIN 4150.

We install vibration sensors for both temporary measurements and for permanent monitoring systems.


  • Creation of a measurement concept
  • Definition of alarm and guide values according to standards
  • Construction monitoring, blasting, traffic, infrastructure monitoring according to national and international standards
  • Web interface with live data
  • Configuration of automatic reports
  • Protection against unfounded claims for damages
  • Summary report

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