When industrial plants become outdated
"Anti-ageing" with laser scanning.

The life cycle of industrial plants is generally envisioned to last several decades. Plans and documents of production sites are therefore often outdated and do not coincide with current circumstances. Measurement by laser-scanning ensures precise as-built data that are vital to upcoming adaptations. Furthermore, this method offers industrial site operators as well as manufacturers and planning offices major advantages.

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3D laser scanning - voestalpine, Linz | Austria

For operators, manufacturers and planning offices this is it.

For industrial site operators, as-built surveys using laser-scanners means considerable cost savings through shorter standing times as well as surveying during ongoing operation. For manufacturers and planning offices, this type of measurement is in turn perfect for projects without digital planning foundations.


  • Reference point network
  • Pipeline tracking
  • Modelling of interfering edges
  • Collision analysis
  • Inventory documentation
  • Planning of structural changes
  • Replanning of technical modifications

Automated pipeline tracking - RAG, Schwarzmoos | Austria

The laser beam points to the heart of the issue.

Surveying using laser-scanning is most of all contactless. This means that ongoing operation does not need to be interrupted. A laser beam measures an object at up to 1 million exact points per second and generates a 3D pointcloud, which in the case of automated pipeline tracking can be processed into a complete CAD model.


  • Reference point network
  • As-built surveys
  • Preparation of interfaces with existing CAD systems
  • CAD modelling

3D laser scanning - Municipal public services authority, Erlangen | Germany

A drone by Bogensberger Vermessung / Surveys in front of the industrial plant of Donau Chemie in Pischelsdorf. The drone was used to do aerial inspection of the plant.

Falcon 8 - Donau Chemie, Pischelsdorf | AT

An aerial picture (from the drone) of the industrial plant of Donau Chemie in Pischelsdorf by Bogensberger Vermessung / Surveys.

Aerial image - Donau Chemie, Pischelsdorf | AT

Precision from every angle.

The combination of geodetic measuring instruments and mathematical compensation guarantees maximum precision even in extensive industrial sites over large distances (such as refineries). But more than that: parts of industrial plants that are difficult to access are inspected live with unmanned drones and accurately documented with high-resolution photographs, videos and infrared images.


  • GPS
  • Octocopter drones
  • Total station
  • Levelling instrument
  • Laser-scanner

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