Ground radar
Know what you are building on.

Spilled, filled, buried and forgotten - a lot has accumulated in our soils over the centuries. With the help of ground radar, the depth and position of hidden materials can be located with centimeter accuracy. In the construction industry, it is mainly used to locate pipes in the ground. This way, low-lying pipes can be found and mapped quickly.

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A 3D ground penetrating radar by Bogensberger Vermessung.

Ground-penetrating radar, Vienna | AT

Make the invisible visible.

When locating pipes with ground radar, electromagnetic waves (radar waves) are emitted into the ground. Different materials in the ground reflect the radar waves to different degrees. The location and size of the hidden objects can thus be precisely determined and the results of the measurement can be displayed in a radar program.


  • (Property) information before the start of construction
  • Identification of hidden polluted areas - contamination
  • Risk assessment possible before start of construction
  • No probing and test digging required
  • No construction measures required
  • Depth determination is possible
  • High efficiency - use possible over large areas
  • High precision
Mission planning of a 3D ground radar project.

3D ground radar mission planning, Vienna | AT

An employee is installing a GPS receiver on a 3D ground radar.

Installation of a GPS-receiver, Vienna | AT

Set goals. Get started.

Ground-based radar is suitable for locating all pipes and objects. However, the method is dependent on geological and hydrological soil properties that have to be clarified in advance. When locating the pipes, the cable diameter should be at least 10% of the installation depth. In the course of a test measurement, options and expected results can be clarified. And one thing is certain: He who seeks shall find!

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